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Quick Tips and Resources

As part of our goal to make things easier for you and your family, this page is a great resource for other help that you might need. The recommendations have come from clients, staff, or our own positive experiences with other local and small businesses that want to make a difference too.

Beyond this, there are a few government resources that we found helpful while trying to help family members through illness or disability. 

The opinions are our own. We don’t receive any compensation and have not been asked to mention any of the companies; these are simply things that we have found useful in our lives which we wanted to share.

Hopefully they will be of use to you as well. At Girl Friday, we are here to help.

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  • Health & Wellness

    Fort Integrated Health Clinic
    An excellent naturopathic clinic located in Fort Langley, BC with a friendly and supportive staff. They offer a number of different services including acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, counselling, therapy and a number of naturopathic treatment options. They are also the only clinic in Canada to provide integrative oncology which uses “complementary therapies in concert with medical treatment to enhance efficacy, improve symptom control, alleviate patient distress, and reduce suffering”.

    Fraser Health Authority
    The Fraser Health Authority offers services that span from hospital care to residential home health, mental health, and public health services. We were able to get additional nursing help through them when our father, and later our mother, became ill with terminal cancer. The same nurse came into our home for both our parents—she was lovely, understanding and kind. They also have a number of services available for family members including grief and bereavement counselling, and useful information when you or a loved one are dealing with a life threatening or life limiting illness. They do require a referral, after which they complete an intake assessment to determine the appropriate care needs.

    Valley Evergreen Pharmacy
    604 534 1332
    Located on Douglas Crescent in Langley, this pharmacy has been a family owned, independent full-service pharmacy for over 40 years. In addition to prescription services, they have a large selection of medical equipment and supplies available, including items for wound care and home health care, mobility aids and vitamins and herbs.

    How to Apply for Persons with Disabilities Assistance
    People that are sick or disabled aren’t always able to work, but additional assistance is sometimes available. Here is additional information, including how to apply for income assistance and enhanced medical coverage.

    Mobile Scissors 
    778 861 2237
    Looking for an alternative to the hair salon? Julia from Mobile Scissors might be the perfect alternative for you! Providing complete hair care for seniors, she will come right to your home and is available for haircuts, shampoo & set, styles, colouring, perms and anything else you might need to get your hair looking great!

  • Lifestyle

    BC Farmers Markets
    If you are interested in eating local, we recommend checking out some of the farmers markets in your area and surrounding cities. It can offer a great outing for a Saturday morning or afternoon, wandering through the different booths and talking to the vendors. We recently found this website which lists the upcoming farmers markets—check out the “Market Finder” to see when markets will be near you (there are even a few winter ones to check out!).

    We use FitnessFoods during those busy times in life where you don’t have the time to cook (and when it means nutrition is even more important, as you’re stressed and run off your feet). They have a good selection of healthy, quality dishes for breakfasts, lunches and dinners, plus some oven ready meals to feed the whole household. Everything is super tasty and leaves you feeling well nourished… did we mention they will deliver too?

    Gourmet Take Away - Meal Prep
    We love to cook, but sometimes life gets in the way and you don’t always have the time. Instead of driving through the closest fast food place (we’ve all been guilty of this) Gourmet Take Away offers fresh, healthy and tasty meals that you can pick up or have delivered. Check out their website for the current month’s menu and their a la carte options—they have single person or family sized portion available to feed the whole family. They are also an approved supplier for Veterans Affairs.

    SweetSpot Events
    604 427 4723
    Need help with your personal or business event? From beginning to brilliant end, the team at SweetSpot Events will help take your party to the next level! Big or small, they will help you anticipate needs, organize your priorities and help you stick to your budget. Planning Grandma's 90th birthday or that next corporate event? Let them take care of every detail for you. Call or email them to get started!

    All Washed Up (Ray & Shelley)
    604 504 1500
    Referred to us by a client, we were impressed by Ray & Shelley's competitive pricing & dedication to detail in every job. With a full range of exterior home maintenance services, they are sure to offer the help you need: hand house washing (incl. soffits), window washing, gutter cleaning & pressure washing.

    Langley Senior Resources Society
    If you’ve never been to the Langley Seniors Centre, you should definitely take a look at their website or better yet pop by. They have some great seniors programs and events – everything from fitness & art classes, to music sing-alongs & fun day trips, seminars & clubs for various interests. They also have support groups and many health related resources. While you are there, stop on by the cafeteria for some warm or cold lunch at very reasonable pricing, or take a meal home to enjoy later.

    Everything Organized
    This is a great comprehensive professional organizing service in Canada, providing help with downsizing, hoarding assistance, whole home organizing, online estate liquidation auctions & real estate ready services. They also offer “Custom Senior Care Packages” when you want it all done with one call. Every worker is fully insured & bonded with great referrals. They are members of the Professional Organizers in Canada (POC) and the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD). Call them today for a free consultation or email Kathleen.

    Doug's Painting
    604 807 0656

    We recently had Doug come in to do some painting in our home and were very impressed with the results! He is an experienced painter, who was very detailed and careful (lines were neat and tidy, touch ups as needed were done etc.). He also fully cleaned everything up when he was finished and his rates were more reasonable than most (an added bonus, given the quality of his work!).

    Little Green Mowing Company
    If you are looking for a GREAT lawn care company you've got to check this little husband and wife team out! Dependable and detailed, they do all the edging, trimming & mowing to keep your yard looking amazing. Plus, they use only solar powered, zero emission machines and 100% organic products, so its lawn & garden care you can feel good about.

  • Pet Care

    Petplayland Pet Care Services
    Owned and operated by Lisa Eagleton, this company provides a number of pet services including dog walking, pet sitting and in-home boarding. We’ve used her services for almost 5 years and have found Lisa to be caring, friendly and dependable (plus it’s immediately apparent she LOVES animals). Our dogs are always super excited for their outings together and we know they will always be toweled off and come back into the house clean.

    Waldo & Tubbs
    604 888 2235

    Owned and run by Alanna and her small team, this is a great little pet store in Fort Langley. They have a little bit of everything and our pets love the hand made treats (made locally!) and quality raw food. We are always impressed with Alanna’s willingness to help out with our particular pet needs and her great tips to help give our pets the best.

    Dr. Pitcairn – Veterinary Homeopathy
    If you believe in animal homeopathy, we can highly recommend Dr. Pitcairn’s “Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats”. It provides a holistic guide to caring for your pet including advice on chemical-free nutrition, exercise, treatment and natural healing.

  • Charities We Support

    Colon Cancer Canada
    We became interested in this charity after both our parents were diagnosed with colon cancer. This is a national organization whose mission is to increase public awareness of colorectal cancer (which is one of the most preventable cancers, if screened and caught early) and to increase access to preventative measures, such as screening, so that lives can be saved. They also offer funding to research initiatives and provide colon cancer patient support. Every summer they have an annual “Push for Your Tush” walk/run event in Vancouver and a few other cities across Canada.

    Langley Hospice Society
    This society provides people in the community with a number of helpful programs including bereavement support, hospice palliative care, and children, teen, and adult support programs. Having gone through the terminal illness of both our parents (one in hospital and one at home), we know that having a network you can rely on and get support from is important. They also have a number of brochures and useful information on their website with advice and tips when dealing with the impending death and after effects of losing of a loved one.

    Canadian Diabetes Association
    We support this association as we have friends and loved ones that have been diagnosed with this disease. The association’s mission is to lead the fight against diabetes by helping people with diabetes live healthy lives, while they work towards finding a cure. Funds go towards offering education and services to people with diabetes, supporting research, and translating research into practical applications.

    Animals need and deserve love, lots of pets and a safe haven to rest their heads each night. Every year the Langley Animal Protection Society finds new homes for the many animals brought to their shelter. Through LAPS, we were lucky enough to rescue our cat, Mira, and bring her to her “forever home” with us. The hours of joy and affection she has given make us truly grateful for the dedication and work of the volunteers at the different shelters across BC and the nation—without them, Mira and countless other animals would have been left abandoned and we would not know the happiness of having them in our homes.

*We caution you to speak to your doctor, a licensed medical practitioner or a veterinarian who can help you in selecting a course of action that is best for you, your loved ones, or your pets. The above is for informational purposes only and we are in no way endorsed to make these recommendations.