Our Team

When we started our local Langley, BC company in 2011 it was just two sisters who wanted to make a difference in our community. Now, we’ve grown into a small team of equally positive and hardworking people, who care about our clients and who are flexible to your unique needs and circumstances.

With our natural desire to help others and friendly, caring personalities you will find yourself quickly at ease with any of our trained team members. We look for long term fits—people who want to make a difference and enjoy their work. People who come to your home every day and do their best. We also look for great communication skills and a knack for household management, so we can make recommendations and see the little things that can make such a big difference in your home.

All of our team goes through a comprehensive interview process and a full training program (regardless of past experience), in order to offer consistency in the quality of our work. We move furniture, vacuum, lift items to dust under, and tidy clutter as we clean. In other words, we aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and get things done. We have a genuine caring attitude towards your home, your family and your pets.

We always work with you to find the best fit for your unique needs-- some of us LOVE to de-clutter and tidy, others are masters at organizing, and some have an un-natural obsession with floors and detail. Whatever you want, we work hard to provide you with diligent, professional and efficient help.

We Build Relationships

We care about the people we work with, and pride ourselves on building relationships, which leaves you to feel comfortable talking to us at any time. If you want to change something on the normal “task list”, have some spring cleaning to look after, need help with a relative, or can't find time for something that week, don’t hesitate to talk to your helper! They would be glad to further assist you or answer any questions.

Here’s what our clients have to say:

"We wish to commend Girl Friday for their thoughtfulness, excellent grasp of our needs in terms of household chores, incredible efficiency, punctuality and follow-up. We do not know of any other company that offers this wide range of services in such an intelligent and compassionate fashion. You certainly fulfill a need in our communities. We also wish to commend you for hiring excellent staff, like Marika. She does a very professional job cleaning our large home and we are looking forward to your regular visits. Well done and thank you!"

—Heike & Gary Sasaki from Bedford Landing, Fort Langley, BC

"Thank you ever so much for all the wonderful care that your company has done for us. I am totally delighted with the service that you have provided. We have appreciated the help very much. Your lady, Morgan, has been a gem. She works so hard, and so well, we adore her."
—Jewel W. from Langley, BC

"I wanted to thank you Lisa and Colleen for all your assistance last year. I am finally back to full capacity and able to manage most things myself or with a little help from my son-in-law. You were invaluable to me at a time when my world seemed to fall apart. Thank you so much."
—Kory S. from Langley, BC

“Your team did a great job, exactly what I wanted at this time and very nice as well. I'm sure I will be calling again. Thanks again, the service was great and I will pass your name on to anyone I know who needs help. Expect to hear from me too!”
—Brenda S. from Langley, BC

“I was thrilled to have found Girl Friday Errands! Lisa and Christina were super friendly, efficient and did a professional job in my home. They provided a service I could not do myself and I am happy to refer them to others who need assistance. I am using Girl Friday Errands again in a few weeks and foresee relying on them for the varied services they provide. Big thumbs up in my books - Thank you!!” 
—Susan L. from Surrey, BC

“I was thrilled by Girl Friday Errands when I called them in for some assistance. Punctual, professional, detailed and delightful describe their performance and attitude. They went beyond my expectations.” 
—Erin S. from Abbotsford, BC

“Friendly and super detailed service — they surpass any other cleaning company I have ever had come in. I’m so happy I found them! The Girl Friday Errands team is dependable and I highly recommend them!”
—Megan D. from Langley, BC

“You came in and did everything you set out to do and when I got home, just after you left, the first thing to greet me as I opened the garage door downstairs was the lovely fragrance of the house. Marika left everything fresh and clean and I really appreciate it. She doesn't need any direction - she just digs right in. She's such a nice young lady and I'm very comfortable with her in the house whether I'm here or not.”
—Anna S. from Langley, BC

“When I became ill, I stopped being able to look after things the way I used to. It’s nice to know that Girl Friday Errand Services is there for me, they have been a true life saver! I don’t know what I would do without their help.”
—Mary S. from Langley, BC

"We are very happy with Colleen. Everything is going well and can't think of anything we would change. Thank you for the great service."
—Terri-Lou from Langley, BC

“I started working with Girl Friday Errands after I had major surgery and couldn’t move around very well. In one afternoon they got my groceries and mail, cleaned the house and drove me to a follow-up appointment with my doctor. My wife was happy when she got home, and I was able to spend my evening relaxing and recovering. It was a guilt free feeling which we got used to. We look forward to their visit every two weeks.”
—John M. from Fort Langley, BC